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On Brain Size, Intelligence And Food

Friday, March 21st, 2014

How many neurons does a human brain have? Are larger brains smarter brains? Do larger brains have more neurons in them? Does the size of a brain increase with the size of the animal? How much energy does a brain consume, and why is this important? Are there limits to how many neurons a brain can contain?

These and many other questions are tackled in this particularly informative TED talk. Take a look:

The Definition Of True Success

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Coach John Wooden describes in this TED Talk, in very clear and beautiful words, what it means to be successful. He argues, like I have been doing some time now, that success is not related to wealth or power, but rather “peace of mind attained only through self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort of doing the best of which you’re capable” (John Wooden).

I strongly believe that in the end, the only person in front of whom you have to define and justify your level of success is yourself. If you manage to live up to your expectations of yourself, the ones that you know that you’re capable of achieving, even if these achievements might be insignificant to others, then you are successful. You, as a person, should know best who you are and what your goal is in life. Once you do, you have a duty to yourself to follow this through. And while some roads can be to far to go, the fact that you stick to it means that you are persevering in becoming the best you. And isn’t that the most you can hope for?

Being entirely dedicated to doing your best and being the best “you” possible is already 99% of the battle won.

The Curency Of Social Media Is Envy

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

The complexities behind jealousy and envy, and how it really is only a matter of imagination run amok.

Just Another Motivational Speech?

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger presents his six rules to success. And these are as clear and powerful, as they are simple.

Loving The Only Car

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

A slightly odd documentary about Dacia the car manufacturer, its past during the communist era and the attachment many Romanians still feel towards their national car. As the first car that I ever drove for a longer period of time was a Dacia, I can relate to some of the melancholy in the documentary. On the one hand, it’s certainly different to talk about a national car in a country like Romanian, where Dacias were almost the only brand one could buy before ’89. At the same time, the usual waiting period for a car was about 2 years, so by the time you actually received it, you really learned to cherish it.

But on the other hand, I guess most people who are at least partly car lovers, would get quickly attached to a vehicle that is moody, breaks down a lot, but which is also so simple in terms of design and mechanics, that you could most often fix it yourself at the side of the road.

Control Your Online Presence

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Did you ever think about all the data that you put through the years on the Internet? Personal data, pictures, or even your comments? And if you want to delete these it all becomes problematic. You have maybe heard the new saying: Once it’s on the Internet, it’s there forever.

Well, yes and no. On the one hand, you can’t really control what is being stored (legally or illegally) on the servers of various organizations, so be sure to think before you post or upload anything to a particular website. But on the other hand, you have the possibility of deleting many online accounts and thus at least ensuring that your data is not publicly visible online. However, this deletion process is often made very cumbersome, with delete forms hidden in the furthest corners of the settings menus. To help overcome this, has put together a list with the major online account providers and descriptions on how to delete the corresponding accounts. Pretty cool!

Still, a color-coded bar also highlights that for some online services, the accounts can’t be deleted… Bummer!

What To Be Creative? Sleep!

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Sleep, while very much neglected in today’s society, is extremely important for the physical and mental health of each and every one of us. The lack or inability to get sufficient sleep can lead to problems like poor memory, poor judgement, less creativity, increased impulsiveness, but also increased hunger, diabetes, stress, high blood pressure, immunity problems, etc. This highlights part of why it is so vital to get qualitative sleep. Sure you might gain a couple of hours a day by sleeping 5-6 hours, but you’re most likely reducing your lifespan by much more than you are gaining. Plus, I’m pretty sure you would prefer to wake up relaxed and start a new day feeling you have the energy to tackle whatever it throws at you instead of getting out of bed and feeling depleted and frustrated even.

You can find a quick overview of some of the positive effects good and sufficient sleep can have in this chart in the video.

Connecting Obesity And Diabetes

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Interesting talk about the chicken and the egg problem. What comes first, insuline resistance or obesity?

[Peter Attia: What if we’re wrong about diabetes?]

How Should I Live?

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

[Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter]

Beside The Scenes Of Formula 1

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

[Secret Life Of Formula 1]